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Get Webcam'd!!

Turn your daycare/preschool into a Webcam Daycare!
We think it's crazy that most secure webcam systems for daycares/preschools are so over-priced that they are virtually unattainable, especially for smaller centers and in-home daycares.  We offer our services so you can turn your daycare/preschool into an independently owned Webcam Daycare for a fraction of what other companies are charging.  

Easily increase your profit by becoming the most wanted daycare in town!
That's a fact, not just a pitch.  After turning our home into a Webcam Daycare, we reached capacity within 6 months and have maintained a waiting list for over 3 years.  Below is an example income comparison after raising your rates just a few dollars per day - it more than covers your cost for the system.

Daycare income before Webcam Daycare, based on $32 per day.

5 Children 10 Children 20 Children
Daily Income $160 $320 $640
Monthly Income $3200 $6400 $12,800

Daycare income after becoming a Webcam Daycare, based on $36 per day.

5 Children 10 Children 20 Children
Daily Income $180 $360 $720
Monthly Income $3600 $7200 $14,400

As customers, contracts have always made us feel claustrophobic, so we decided to say no way to having our clients sign them!  We are so sure that you'll love our customer service and webcam system that we say "stinky poo" to contracts. 


  • A high-end camera server with a Pentium IV Dual Core processor,  1 GB memory,  and two 250 GB hard drives. This machine will allow you to record up to two weeks of footage. 
  • A workstation pc to be used as your check-in/check-out machine.  Put this pc by your entrance and have your parents log in and out.  Only parents of children who are currently logged in will have access to view your cameras.
  • Two flat panel monitors (one for the camera server, one for the check-in/check-out PC), Logitech webcams, and the camera software.
  • FREE on- call technical support for everything listed above (you don't need to be a computer whiz to set the system up.  It'll be simple to do and we'll walk you through it!) 
  • Back up universal power supply to keep your equipment safe.
  • Everything you need to keep your business running smoothly and your parents informed!  You'll receive many daycare forms, such as incident/medical sheets, policies, permission slips, daily child report slips, letterhead, electronic forms, newsletters, and lots more.
  • A staff time clock within the check-in/check-out system which makes calculating staff hours a breeze!
  • Your site at, completely customizable to your location via the administration portion of the site.  You can add your own photos, newsletters, clients... all with a very user friendly interface.
  • Excellent exposure!  Loads of traffic visit each day. 
  • National and worldwide advertising.
  • 1000 full color customized business cards with the Webcam Daycare logo and your information.
  • Bumper stickers for your parents that say "Please drive safe" with the Webcam Daycare logo.
  • Navy blue Webcam Daycare staff t-shirts available at wholesale prices. ($10 per shirt!)  Click here to see samples of the shirts.

Please Note: Many companies block the use of streaming media to their employees pc's which is why Webcam Daycare's website uses jpeg images that automatically update each second.  We have never had an enrolled parent have technical issues viewing the webcams while they are at work. 

Some FAQ's:
Do I need to get rid of my daycare's name and use "Webcam Daycare"?
A:  Nope!  You can continue to use your daycare's name, however all of the paperwork and the website will say "Webcam Daycare".   You can just opt to not use the forms/paperwork/tshirts, and just tell your parents you're using our service.  BUT - please note the blurb above - we changed our name from "Dawn's Daycare" to "Webcam Daycare" and hit capacity within 6 months.  The name is what sets you apart from other daycares.  It really works!

Q: Do I have to have an established daycare to open a Webcam Daycare?
A: No - in fact, it's great if you don't!  We will give you the majority of the paperwork the state will require of you to obtain your license.  And, you can even start your website before you're open and create an early enrollment list.  That way, you'll have customers the very first day you open your doors!

Optional Established Radius:

  • Highly Recommended: You have the option of establishing a 20 square mile radius around your home/center in which we will not establish a new location.  This means you will be the only Webcam Daycare for 20 square miles of your location.

All of is secured using the highest level of encryption technology, keeping the privacy of you and your daycare completely secure.


What You Need

  • High speed internet (cable, DSL, T1) coming into your house / daycare center.
  • A state licensed daycare.
  • A good personality.  Not really, but we have one so it would be great if you have one too.


Webcam Daycare Fee Structure as of September 1, 2006

  1 Camera 2-3 Cameras 4-6 Cameras
One Time Start Up Cost




Monthly Fee




Established Radius (optional)




** You may upgrade to more cameras at anytime.

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to sign up, contact us.  

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