Friday, October 31, 2014

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Sign Language

From the publishers of Parenting Magazine

We incorporate as much sign language as possible into our daily routine.  Imagine being able to ask your baby why he's crying or if she's hungry or wants to play - and getting an answer!  Signing together is a wonderful way to create fun and ease frustration for parent and baby.  And, studies show, learning to sign may even speed up your baby's ability to speak. 

First, look at the cards (there's 50 simple words).  Become familiar with the signs you want to teach and practice them until it feels comfortable and natural.  Weave signing into everyday activity instead of actively trying to teach it to your baby.  It helps to use your voice, so say the word as you sign it. 

Click here for a printable sheet of the sign language we will be using.  To help reinforce what your child is learning during the day, try to implement the signs at home as well.



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